Slide MGFE - 70 Typical application fields:

-Rotating equipment
-Mechanical engineering, tool manufacturing
-Steel industry, supply parts
Slide New Layer Mitcorp -5″ TFT LCD Touchscreen
-1m drop resistance, IP54 protection
-Real-time data sharing and charging via USB-type-C
-Sharp, clear, and bright images
-Compatible with 3.9 mm 2-way articulation & 4.9 mm dual-camera probes
X600 HD
Slide Mitcorp X2000HD - Super resolution image. (Still image 2560*1440; Video 1920*1080)
- 100℃ resistance camera tip, and tungsten braid probe
- Wide view angle 7" IPS TFT-LCD
- MIL-STD Compliance
Slide E T HER NDE Slide ETher NDE SteelCheck + Slide Baugh & Weedon TRUFLUX High Resolution Digital Tank Floor Plate Scanner Key Features
• Efficient & Effective Mechanical Design.
• Superior Resolution (5.2mm x 1mm)
• Lightweight, 32kg (inc. battery)
• Easy to transport, total shipping weight under 60kg (not including laptop).
• Easy reporting via Laptop, USB.
• Semi-rugged laptop upgradeable to a fully rugged option.
• Unique damping system provides easy lift-off.
• High resolution optical encoder. Positional accuracy of ± 1mm over a 20m scan track.
• Fast track-to-track scanning images.
• USB connectivity means the Truflux effectively works as a simple “plug and play” unit.
• Off-the-shelf battery technology.
+ Excellent Results Accuracy.
+ Dual Sensor.
+ Interchangeable Sensor allows the LumaCheck to operate continuously.
+ Lightweight and Compact.
+ Battery Operated.
+ Ergonomically Designed with Protective Rubber Boot.
+ Full Colour Programmable Display.
+ Separate Probe and Separate Cable for convenience and lower replacement costs.

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