LumaCheck – Light Meter

The LumaCheck not only has a detachable Sensor Head, but also offers a detachable cable too allowing all aspects of the LumaCheck to be interchanged.

If the operator has two Sensors with the LumaCheck, this interchangeability means that operators need not be without a functional light meter during calibration.
The LumaCheck is housed in an extremely robust and high quality casing and as an exclusive Baugh & Weedon design it comes with the guarantee of high quality and renowned calibration services.

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Product Details

General:Measuring Range: White Light:
UV Light: 
5 lux to 10,000 lux
0 to 10,000 µW/cm2
 Resolution: White Light:
UV Light:
0.1 lux to 10 lux
0.15 to 10 µW/cm2 (micro watts per square cm)
 Units: White Light:
UV Light:
Foot Candles (ft-c or fc or lm/ft.) or Lux
µW/cm2 (micro watts per square cm)
Unit:Display:2.8″ (70mm) 320 x 240 pixels color display.
LCD with selectable backlight.
 Screen:5 readings per second.
 Conversion Rate:100ms
 Resolution:Up to 0.1 Lux & 0.1 µW/cm(configurable)
 Dimensions (LxWxD):
With Rubber Boot On: 
6.4″ x 3.15″ x 1″ (163 x 80 x 25mm)
6.6″ x 3.35″ x 1.2″ (168 x 85 x30mm)
 Weight:0.77 pounds (350g) including batteries
 Power:2 x 1.5V AA Alkaline Batteries
 PC Connectivity:USB or mains charging capabilities
 IP Standard:IP54
 Resolution:Settable in menu system
Sensor Head:Overall Accuracy:+/- 3% measured against primary standard
 Temperature Coefficient:Less than +-/ 0.01%/C (0° to 50°C)
 Irradiance Range:UV-A: 0 – 10,000 µW/cm2
Visible: 0 – 10,000 Lux 
 Spectral Range:UV-A: 315 – 400nm
Visible: 460 – 680nm