WeldCheck – Eddy Current Flaw Detector

Designed specifically to meet the exacting requiements of ISO17643 (formally EN1711) “Eddy Current examination of welds by complex plane analysis”.

However as a high specification eddy current flaw detector then a full range of other eddy current inspections may also be undertaken.

The WeldCheck2 EC Flaw Detector is lightweight, compact and cased in a tough  aluminium alloy Mg Si 0.5 powder-coated outer case with rubber end bumpers and has been designed with the  basic end user in mind.

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Specification  Detail

ProbeConnectors12 Way Lemo 2b (Absolute, Bridge and Refection) and Connection Lemo 00 (for single element absolute probes)Simultaneous probe operation possible using Lemo 12 way and Lemo 00
Frequency Single Freq. = 10Hz – 20MHz with range variable resolutionDual Freq. = 10Hz – 12.8MHz & Mix -18 to +18dB on output
GainOverall-18 to + 104dB, 0.1, 1 and 6dB steps (104dB maximum) 0dB or 12dB
0dB, 6dB and 10dB (0dB reference 1mW into 50 ohm). +/-100.0 dB
Input Gain 0dB or 12dB
Drive0dB, 6dB and 10dB (0dB reference 1mW into 50 ohm)
Max. X/Y Ratio +/-100.0 dB
PhaseRange0.0-359.9°, 0.1° steps
Auto PhaseAllows phase angle to be automatically set to a pre set angle
FiltersNormal High PassDC to 2kHz or Low Pass Filter, which ever is the lower in 1 Hz steps. Plus variable adaptive balance drift compensation 0.01 – 0.5 Hz (6 steps)
Normal Low Pass1Hz to 2kHz or a quarter of the lowest test frequency, which ever is lower in 1 Hz steps.
BalanceManual14 internal balance loads; 2.2μH, 5.0μH, 6.0μH, 6.5μH, 7.0μH, 7.5μH, 8.2μH, 12μH, 15μH, 18μH, 22μH, 30μH, 47μH, 82μH
AutomaticOptimised balance load selection
AlarmsBox Sector OutputFully configurable, Freeze, Tone or Visual.
SectorFully configurable, Freeze, Tone or Visual
Open collector transistor (32v dc at 10mA max) available on 12 way Lemo
Display Type5.7” (145mm), 18 bit Colour, daylight readable
Viewable Area115.2mm (Horizontal) x 86.4mm (Vertical)
Resolution640 x 480 pixels
FlipManual or automatic screen orientation change to enable left or right handed use
Colour Schemes ConfigurableUser configurable Dark, Bright and Black & White
Display ModesFull Screen, Single, Dual Spot or Dual Pane with variable size and location and function e.g. MY, Timebase, Waterfall and Meter.
Spot, Time base (0.1-20 seconds x 1-200 sweeps and up to 55 seconds), Waterfall and Meter with peak hold and % readout
GraticulesChoice of Grid (4 sizes 5, 10, 15 and 20% FSH), Polar (4 sizes 5, 10, 15 and 20% FSH) or none
OffsetSpot Position: Y =-50 to +50, X =-65 to +65%
Digital Spot Position ReadoutDisplay in X,Y or R,θ
SummaryLegacy Format
Removable Data Storage Setupmicro SD up to 32GB, holding over 10,000 settings
Stored Screen Shotsmicro SD up to 32GB, holding over 10,000 screen shots
Record/ReplayComprehensive Record Replay and Storage. Realtime recording of trace data and Replay on instruments and desktop PC up to 164 seconds
Outputs PC ConnectivityUSB (Full PC remote control plus Real Time data)
Digital Volt Free AlarmAvailable on Lemo 12 way, Open collector transistor (36v dc at 10mA max)
VGAFull 15 way VGA output
Languages  English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Czech, Norwegian
Verification Level The system includes on delivery a 2 year validity Verification Level 2 detailed functional check and calibration as per ISO 15548-1:2013
Power On Self Test  The system performs a self test on start up of external ram, sd ram, accelerometer, Micro SD card, LCD screen buffer.
PowerExternal100-240 v 50-60Hz 30 Watts
Internal 7.2V nominal @ 3100mAh = 22.32 watch
Running TimeUp to 8 hours with a 2MHz Pencil Probe 30% Back Light
Charging Time 2.5 hrs. charge time –  Simultaneous charge and operation possible
PhysicalWeight1.2 kg, 2.7 lbs
Size (w x h x d)237.5mm x 144mm x 52mm / 9.4” x 5.7” x 2.1”
MaterialAluminium alloy Mg Si 0.5 powder-coated
Operating Temperature-20 to +60 °C
Storage for up to 12 months -20 to +35 °C Nominal +20 °C
Storage TemperatureStorage for up to 12 months -20 to +35 °C Nominal +20 °C
IP Rating54
Conductivity Specification + version only
One frequency only 60kHz standard (choice of 120, 240 and 480kHz)
Resolution 3 decimal points max
Auto Resolution Mode AutoS = Legacy Instrument, Auto = SigmaCheck
Acccuracy0.5%-10% IACS better than +/-0.05% IACS 10%-25% IACS better than +/-0.25% IACS 25%-60% IACS better than +/-0.5% IACS 60%-110% IACS better than +/-1% IACS Lift Off corrected to 1.0mm No temperature compensation All Errors at 90% Confidence Level

As well as being fully daylight readable, the WeldCheck 2 and + Eddy Current Flaw Detector offers fantastic screen clarity with excellent and accurate inspection readings.

The screens are a sample of the excellent display quailty that the both the the WeldCheck 2 and + produce.