SteelCheck – ETher NDE

SteelCheck Stripchart2 Smhas the capability to discriminate between external and internal defects.Packaged as a highly portable, battery operated flaw detector at an attractive price, the SteelCheck offers exceptional value for money.

Dedicated one method tube inspection unit.
3 Channel Flux Leakage Tube Testing System for discrimination of OD, ID Defects and Wall Thinning.

  • Ideal for Ferrous Tubing Especially Fan Fin Tubes.
  • Internal Data Logging System with PC Application for Desktop Reporting.
  • Compact rugged site proven enclosure.
  • Easy to learn Ether user interface.
  • Daylight readable display.
  • 8 hours battery life on one charge.
  • 2 year warranty.

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Spesification detail :


Operating modesBond TesterPitch-Catch Tone Burst
Pitch Catch Swept Frequency
Pitch Catch Impulse
Eddy Current ModesAs AeroCheck+ Eddy Current, Single Frequency
Eddy Current Dual Frequency
Eddy Current Rotating Probe
Display Modes A-Scan (amplitude, start and end parameter control)
 X/Y Impedance Plane (Flying Spot)
 Frequency Plot by FFT
 Timebase Scan
 Encoded Scan
Signal ProcessingMain Gain0 to +76dB, 0.1dB steps
Pitch Catch ModeWaveform type Arbitrary waveform, supporting tone burst with rectangular / hanning window, and swept frequency chirp.
Frequency Range1 kHz to 100 kHz – probe dependant
Time base range 100us to 2ms
 RF modeWith adjustable amplitude, start and end parameter control
 Y-T mode Multiple box regions*
Calibration modePerforming frequency sweep of bond and dis-bonded areas. Automatic inspection frequency determination with manual adjustment.
Bond/Dis-bond alarm State on screen and probe, based on Box or polar region.
Live waveformDisplay during parameter adjustment*
Pitch-catch probe specificationOperating frequencies Depending on piezo resonant frequency. Current model 30kHz (suitable for 10kHz to 50kHz operation)
Probe separation 17mm
Linear travel >5mm
Probe auto-recognition Yes*
Probe alarm LED Yes*
Probe tipsRounded end and flat end, replaceable by user.
Probe housing material Anodised aluminium case, with Stainless Steel probe housings, rubber finger grip.
Probe connector 7 pin Lemo
GeneralPower8 hrs Battery Life and as per AeroCheck+
PhysicalAs Per AeroCheck+
SaveInspection data to SD Card*
ExportOf inspection report*
EncoderWith 1D line plot of chosen parameter ( phase / amplitude )