Gilardoni – RDG 2000-2500-2500S digital flaw detectors

The new RDG 2000-2500-2500S digital flaw detectors feature a high brightness screen and an operator interface via dedicated keyboard and video displays set around the special A-SCAN panel. With different measurement methods available, special functions, an internal data logger, and complete output ability, the RDG 2000-2500-2500S detectors are the most versatile of the new generation.

With IP 67 protection against water and oil for keyboard and screen, the units can safely be used in workshops and construction sites. RDG 2000, 2500 and 2500S can be operated with DAC or TGC and AVG/DGS curves. The DAC curves, which can be drawn on 10 points, can be selected on 4 levels (0, -6, -12dB and one custom) with the ability to read the echo height of the curve displayed. The AVG/DGS curves for straight probes (e.g. DP25/2, DP25/4 and DP10/4) allow for evaluation of flaw equivalent diameter even when attenuation or transfer losses occur.
The LCD transflective colour TFT 7” display with different colour combinations displays data cleary even in unfavourable light conditions.

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Technical Features

  • Frequency field: from 0.5 to 15 MHz, Tuning: 0.5÷3, 2.5÷7, 7÷12MHz and 0.5÷15MHz (wide).
  • Inspection depth: from 0mm to 15m (RDG2500-2500S), from 0mm to 10m – (RDG2000) (O.L. Fe).
  • Calibrated delay: from 0 mm to 15m – (RDG2500-2500S) from 0mm a 10m – (RDG2000) (O.L. Fe).
  • P.R.F.: Selectable 15 to 5000Hz (RDG2500-2500S), from 15 to 1500Hz (RDG2000).
  • Offset: from 0 to 2.5 msec.
  • Velocity: from 1000 to 10000 m/s.
  • Pulse voltage: bipolar square wave from 50÷400 +Burst, From 50÷250V without Burst (RDG2000).
  • Gain: 0-110 dB (0÷80 by 0.1, 1, 2, 6 e 10dB steps +, attenuator filter echo 0÷30dB).
  • Interface rotating probe (Only for RDG 2500S).

Measurement Modes

  • Reflection and through-transmission.
  • Gate distance and amplitude measurement.
  • Echo – Echo distance.
  • Trigonometric view of beam path surface, distance and depth of indication, curve surface (CSC only for RDG2500 – 2500S).
  • 2 Gate for measuring of distance and amplitude.
  • (independent gate).
  • Cursor for measuring, distance and amplitude.
  • Echo start for immersion control (RDG2500 – 2500S).