ETi-300 – Eddy Current Flaw Detector

The ETi-300 is an advanced eddy current tube testing instrument for inspecting non-ferrous tubing from the inner diameter (ID), developed by ETher NDE to perform in the most demanding of environments whilst delivering outstanding inspection results and reporting functionality.
Eddy Current testing has long been acknowledged as the fastest, most efficient and effective inspection method to inspect the large quantity of non-ferrous tubes present in a typical heat exchanger.
The ETi-300 instrument and the suite of analysis and reporting software is ideal for heat exchanger and condenser inspection applications within Power Generation, Transportation, Petrochemical and Oil and Gas industries.

Further technical advantages that the ETi-300 offers include:

  • • A comprehensive end-to-end tube inspection solution.
    • ETi 300 2 probe input with excellent battery life of up to 15hrs.
    • Constant Sample Rate of 16 KHz across all Channels
    • High impact resistant aluminium enclosure designed to meet IP66.
    • 2-year warranty as standard.
    • Optional EThercover 5-year extended warranty.
    • ETherMap intuitive user interface for tube inspection data capture.
    • TMR Tube Mapping software, map from schematics or photographs.
    • TMR Automated Reporting software, easy to use and customizable.

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Operating Mode

Eddy Current Modes

Eddy Current Single Probe Frequency

Eddy Current Dual Probe Frequency

Eddy Current 1 Probe up to 4 Channels (e.g. 3 Frequencies Bridge Differential and 1 Frequency Absolute or 2 Frequencies Bridge Differential and 2 Frequencies Absolute).

Eddy Current 2 Probe up to 2 Channels each (e.g. Dual Probe each with Dual Frequency Bridge Differential).



12-Way LEMO 2B (Absolute, Bridge, Reflection, Rotary)

12-Way LEMO 2B (Bridge, Reflection)

BNC – Absolute



600-3000 rpm. ETher Mercury Drive (ADR002), Hocking 33A100, Rohmann MR3, SR1 and SR2 Drive (special adapter needed)



10Hz – 12.8MHz (no limit on frequency, all channels)



-18 to + 104dB, 0.1, 1 and 6dB steps



0dB or 12dB



0dB, 6dB and 10dB (0dB reference 1mW into 50 ohm).


Max X/Y Ratio

+/-100.0 dB



0.0-359.9°, 0.1° steps


Sample Rate

Constant 16kHz overall over 4 times X/Y pairs


High Pass

DC to 2kHz or Low Pass Filter, which ever is lower in 1Hz steps. Plus variable adaptive balance drift compensation 0.01 – 0.5 Hz (6 steps).


Low Pass

1Hz to 4kHz or a quarter of the lowest test frequency, which ever is lower in 1 Hz steps.

Balance Load


14 internal balance loads; 2.2µH, 6.0µH, 7.0µH, 8.2µH, 12µH, 15µH, 18µH, 22µH, 30µH, 47µH, 82µH, 330µH, 820µH and 3,300µH



Optimised balance load selection.

Mix Channel


Full frequency range available on all channels


Number of Mixers

8 maximum user definable configuration.. 



Automatic or Manual


Mix Gain 

X/Y -18 to +18dB


Mix Phase 

0.0-359.9°, 0.1° steps



Full speed USB 2.0 12.5 MB/s



8 way LEMO 4 configurable TTL Level with 5v eg encoder input



100-240 v 50-60Hz 30 Watts



Internal 7.2V nominal @ 3100mAh = 22.32


Running Time

Up to 15 hours with a 2MHz Pencil Probe 30%, up to 8 hours with a Rotary Drive 50% duty cycle.


Charging Time

2.5 hrs. charge time, Simultaneous charge and operation 


Power On Self-test

The systems performs a self-test on start up.


Weight Including Internal Battery

 2.8 Kg (6.2 lbs) 


Size (w x h x d) 

214 x 90 x 342 mm  (8.5 x 3.6 x 13.5 inches)



Maximum Operating: 0 to 35oC 
Recommended Storage: -20 to 70oC 


Internal Battery 

Replaceable Li-Ion 14.4 v 5.5 hours max life 


IP Rating


Verification Level : The system includes on delviery a 2 year validity Verification Level 2, detailed function check and calibration as per ISO 15548-1:2013