Power Packs For the Magazon SBU, a nominal 2500 A power pack provides AC, with HWDC (half wave rectified) and single phase, or 3-phase FWDC (full wave rectified) waveforms as options. For the Magazon EBU, nominal 3000A or 5000A AC power packs are standard, though alternative options are available subject to technical appraisal. The provision of HWDC (half wave rectified) or FWDC (full wave rectified) waveforms can also be accommodated. On standard models infinitely variable current control is achieved using thyristors resulting in a complex current waveform. However, where a sinusoidal waveform is required for compliance with some test specifications, the option of variable transformer control is available for both the Magazon SBU and EBU. At Baugh & Weedon we manufacture stand-alone MPI Power Packs. They can be connected to existing MPI Benches as an upgrade for example add FWDC, increase the amperage range of a bench or as auxiliary units to power toroidal, pancake or split coils.

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