Flawtech – Aluminum Penetrant Comparator Block

Aluminum Penetrant Comparator Block

This Test Block meets the following specifications:

  • ASME Section V, Article 6, Appendix III
  • ASTM E1417/E1417M-13, Sections &
  • MIL-I-25135 C

This Block has many names:

  • Quench Crack Block
  • Cracked Aluminum Block
  • Penetrant Comparator Block


  • 2024 Aluminum
  • 3/8″ x 3.0″ x 2.0″


  • Block contains a machined groove on either side of the block that splits the face in half. These halves are identified with an “A” and “B”
    • FlawTech does not cut the blocks in half as described in the ASME code
    • These blocks may be cut in half and marked as a mating pair at an additional cost
    • Note: These blocks are not intended for multiple uses


  • Certificate of Conformance and Material Test Reports with each block