The Gilardoni probes in this cataloguehave been designed for non destructivetesting of materials and make use of the piezoelectric properties of ceramic plates.
The probes have been designed toguarantee a high signal to noise ratio and good ergonomics for the user, while maximizing safety.

Standard probes use BNC or LEMO 00 series connectors, but upon request Gilardoni can manufacture the same articles with LEMO 1 connectors. For special probes the connector varies according to the size of the probe and its application.

Gilardoni standard products include ultrasonic probes with a range of diameters and frequencies that meet all inspection requirements:

  • Contact straight beam probes for tests involving direct probe-piece contact. These probes can be selected with surfaces in aluminia or with membrane and threaded ring protection against wear and tear and for ease of sound combination for almost smooth surfaces.
  • Straight twin crystal probes to measure thicknesses and detect flaws near the contact surface. Dead zone reduction and high-resolution focus make twin probes ideal for detecting corrosion, flaws near the surface, split ends and for thickness measurements. Some probes come with a removable protective membrane and threaded ring.
  • Contact angle beam probes with steel transmission angles from 35° to 70°. Particularly useful for checking welded joints and welds in general. They offer a good range of crystal sizes and good resolution. Standard products include monolithicprobes that can be combined with variable angle wedges.
  • Twin angle beam probes for inspection with transversal waves (T) or longitudinal waves (L) to detect faults near the surface in ferritic or austenitic steels.

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