RWT is a new ultrasonic rail control trolley developed by Gilardoni. Based on the light and compact portable ROG series digital flaw detector, it performs semi-automatic tes’s of in-service rai Is.  With its user-friendly design, the Gilardoni ultra­sonic rail trolley is excellent for tests of all 1ypes of rail. Probes can be custom designed accord­ing to customer requirements and rail geometry.

The unit is a three parallel channel display with sensitivity probe adjustment and channel selec­tion box. An auto centering wheel set with spring retain er attaches the trolley to the rail.
A large capacity tank with three way liquid circuit ensures controlled emission of the coupling liqui d during sessions. A custom designed contact probe set is provided or specific coupling conditions.

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  • Dimensions: 800 x 500 x 330mm
  • Weight: 19.2Kg
  • Aluminium structure painted yellow with randies
  • Telescopic stabilization bar with teflon wheel
  • Set of three water gap probes:

-Two 70° 2MHz twin crystal angled beam probes
-One 20mm 3MHz twin crystal straight

  • beam probe
  • Channel selection and sensitivity adjustments
  • JO liter coupling liquid tank with 3 way
  • liquid circuit.