Introducing the Audit 500 – the latest UT Multi-Echo Wall Thickness & Corrosion Gauge in our range which has as standard B-Scan, Material Analyzer & Datalogger on-board.
The Audit 500 measures through paint, so need for surface preparation, has selectable scan speeds(4,8,20Hz), adjustable gain and trigger, memory for 32,000+ values and more; all packaged in a high impact ABS enclosure with rubber trims for extra protection. A great asset to your NDT kit and comes with a 5 year warranty.
Application areas include: metal parts/structures with coatings, plastics injection moulding, extrusion, corrosion and wall thickness measurement.


  • Measure thru-paint, no need for preparation.
  • Selectable scan speed (4,8,20Hz).
  • Adjustable gain and trigger.
  • Material condition analyser
  • Real time B-Scan graphics.
  • Memory for 32,000+ values.
  • High impact ABS enclosure with rubber sides.
  • Touch-sense front panel
  • Transfer data to PC via USB
  • 5 year warranty

Application Materials

  • Parts or Metal Structures with Coatings.
  • Metallurgy and Auto Industries
  • Refineries, Petrochemical Plant maintenance.
  • Ships & Transportation Industries
  • Plastic Industry, Injection, Extrusion, Moulding
  • Corrosion & Wall Thickness.
  • Ceramics